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Digital Experience Designer

We are looking for an art based creative with a passion for experiential storytelling and an eye for detail.

Min 3 - 5 years experience

  • Skilled in art direction
  • Proficient in UX/ UI design
  • Understanding of client requirements and objectives
  • Able to present and sell ideas
  • Knowledge and interest in digital technologies and how they can be used to support superior user-centered experiences
  • Pragmatic and empathetic approach to design
  • Creative problem solver
Software skills required:
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Adobe XD
  • Motion/ animation software (E.G. AE, PrPro)
For extra brownie points:
  • Avid reader preferred
  • Basic 3D modelling skills
  • Illustration skills
  • Experience with coding tools (E.G. Processing, TD, Unity, OF etc)
Interactive Developer

As an interactive programmer, your main job is to work with bespoke microsites. Occasionally, you will get to work together with the team to build interactive installations.

  • Middleweight Developer for websites (mostly microsites)
  • Junior Software developer for interactive installations
Required Experience, Skill:
  • In-depth Experience with PHP and/or C#
  • In-depth Experience with slicing images in Photoshop
  • In-depth experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript (Vue, React or Jquery) and being able to put a responsive website together with a Photoshop layout
  • Understanding of different multimedia file formats (notably images and videos), their usage and limitations
  • Coders must have an eye for detail and have the determination to create visually pleasing work, we will guide you through the process.
  • An interest to build physical, large scale interactive installations
Desirable Experiences and Skills:
  • Unity 3D / openFrameworks / Unreal Engine / node-red / C++ / C#
  • Positive attitude towards learning new technologies
62 Ubi Rd #03-13
Singapore 408734


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